Lori Gentile Interior Design is a highly creative and effective team of artistic professionals eager to share their talents in Architectural and Interior Design. While the designers are responsible for the progression of the project, the clients play an important role in getting the design process started. Preparation on the clients behalf allows for better communication, efficiency, lower costs and ultimately a more successful result.


Review What Needs to Be Done

Determine whether you need to re-do your entire home, or just one or two rooms. Are you going to start from scratch or will you keep certain pieces and color schemes? You need to know the scope of the project and how much help you need.

Collect Your Thoughts

Begin compiling an idea notebook to develop an awareness of your personal style and preferences.

Tear out magazine photos of everything you like or that feels good to you. Include interesting rooms, examples of colors, fabrics, carpets, light fixtures and objects d’art, etc. These will be used in the initial meeting to stimulate our conversation.

Formulate Your Budget

Be honest about what you can afford to spend. Your designer needs to know and respect your financial limits so they can establish priorities.



Consultation with the client to develop an understanding of the character and scope of the overall design requirements.

We will discuss in detail the function of each room in the house you want to work on and your “way of life”. We will determine any requirements that are unique to you or your family.


Design Details

The designer will inspect and review all areas and rooms to be included in the project and create a style or look that is unique to you and your lifestyle.

The design phase requires floor plans to be drawn up with furniture layouts and possible suggestions for architectural changes that may enhance your lifestyle or the overall look of your home.

Preliminary color schemes, fabric and furniture selections, along with flooring, countertop, paint colors, and other material and finish selections will be gathered. These items, along with the furniture layout, provide a preliminary visual presentation for us to review so that you can understand the design concept being created.

If necessary, we will make the appropriate alterations or adjustments for a revised presentation, to assure your satisfaction before continuing.

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Specifications & Pricing Phase

Once the above has been completed and approved by you, the designer shall prepare specification documents and price all furniture, window treatments, and custom designed items.

During this phase the design details are created and specified in detail on paper.

A proposal will be prepared for you listing each room and all the items designed for the room. A detailed description of each item including size, finish, and fabric specified, along with the price will be listed. This will be reviewed with the client in the presentation.

THE FINAL PHASE - Lori Gentile

Purchasing & Job Inspection Phase

The designer will place all orders on behalf of the client for merchandise, materials, and labor, and endeavor to achieve a timely delivery and installation.

The final phase includes inspecting each item ordered as well as the job site to ensure the level of quality and attention to the design details are being met.

Scheduling of deliveries and installation of floor coverings, furniture, window treatments, etc., is also a part of the designer’s job.

Through our coordinated efforts, an interior environment reflecting the project’s specific functions and aesthetics is created.