Lori Gentile - Our Philosophy 2


Our firms philosophy is a home should be a calming retreat from the fast-paced high-tech lives we lead. It reflects the heart and soul of our client’s personalities, allowing them to be rejuvenated in their personal space. A home in harmony has a balancing effect on the people it protects, and above all else, it provides comfort. A well designed home enables us to feel good about staying in, having our friends over and enjoying to the fullest the precious moments of our spare time.

Architectural Design can be the most important step in achieving the ultimate home. With our involvement in this initial stage, we can ensure that our client’s living space is designed to accommodate their needs as individuals or as a family. Of course, color and furniture selections along with attention to details are extremely important responsibilities of the design team.

We like to expand our client’s imaginations… with a concept they never thought possible or a color combination they never considered. It’s the unexpected touches and choices that create a rare and sensuous environment where our clients can bask in the beauty around them and feel at peace.